Quick Clothes for an Emergency

I had one of the most frustrating weeks not too long ago, and needed to get free next day delivery or I wouldn’t have anything to wear. I was preparing for a job interview, and pulled an outfit out of the closet to be taken to the dry cleaners. I dropped it off and waited for the outfit to be ready, thinking everything would go well. Later I received a call that something had gone wrong with my outfit, and a giant hole had been created in it. I was furious and ready to sue the dry cleaning company, but then panic started to take over me.

The local stores in my area don’t sell anything worthy of being worn on a job interview. The nearest store that sells this kind of attire is miles away, and even if I drove there, there was no guarantee that it would have the right outfit in my size. I had to play it safe and just order something online that I knew would fit me. The challenge was finding a website that would let me order the clothes and have them arrive the next day. I didn’t care if the shipping charge was more than it would cost for standard shipping, because I was willing to pay it if it meant that my outfit would arrive on time.

I found a website that would let me do next day delivery and I placed my order. When the order arrived, I tried on the outfit to make sure that it fit without any alterations, and it fit perfectly. The job interview went off without a hitch and I actually got the job, but there was still one thing left to handle. I complained to the dry cleaning company that ruined my original outfit and they paid cash for the cost of the outfit.

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