Planning to Start a Web Site

I have been looking into the possibility of getting into the e commerce business. Obviously there is not too much to it in theory, but I suspect that when you dig deeper you are going to find a lot of difficulties that you did not anticipate. The idea is going to be far from ideal in real life obviously. However the first thing you need to do is to find something you can sell at a profit. There is going to be a lot of competition in many fields, like sex toys and pornography for example. There must thousands upon thousands of web sites which sell nothing else. You would need to find something for which there is a big market, but where that market is not being served to excess. That is going to be a real problem. If you are going to handle the actual goods yourself, then you have to think about infrastructure. If you were selling something relatively small, then you could probably use a garage or maybe a spare room for a warehouse, at least to begin with. I have a house with a decent sized piece of land around it, so in theory I could build myself a building large enough to store things. However you have to consider whether or not you really want to handle that on your own. For me this is going to be a sideline, I am going to have to keep doing my day job unless this thing works out a whole lot better than I could expect that it would. So what makes the most sense for me would be to hire a fulfillment service to handle that end of the deal. That is a place like Amazon, which would take the orders from your web site and make sure that the package reached the buyer.

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