My Korean In-Laws and Are Living Together

My wife Yubin and I have been married for three years. She is the love of my life. I work very hard to provide her with the best. Unfortunately, some of her family members did not support our union. Her father was very opposed to our marriage. Yubin’s parents are traditional Korean parents. They want the best for her. Recently, we had a very bad stuck of luck. A dead tree fell on top of my house. We called for a tree removal for Queens NY. We were unharmed from the ordeal, but our house was totally damaged. Yubin’s mom was so scared for us. She invited the both of us to stay at her house. I was very hesitant because Yubin’s father did not like me. Yubin begged me to give a shot. We agreed to stay with her parents.

Yubin’s parents had different views about me since I first met them. Yubin’s mom has always been nice to me. She smiled at me when I first met her. She was impressed when I spoke to her in Korean. I thought it would impress her. She realized that I made her daughter very happy. She felt that I was the best for her daughter. Unfortunately, her father did not feel the same way. He thought I was too poor for his daughter. He was also worried that his grandchildren would be shunned because they would be biracial. He was not racist, but very protective. I could respect that.

We moved into their house. Yubin’s mother greeted us at the door. I spoke Korean to her. She said my language was getting better. I spoke to Yubin’s father. He seemed stolid at first, but he smiled and shook my hand. He actually smiled at me. This was a turning point. Yubin was so happy to see us getting along with each other.

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