I Had No Idea That I Would Run into This Problem Personally

I had seen a lot of info in the media last year about bed bugs. I always thought those were tiny insects from medieval times and that they no longer existed. But the media taught me differently. Apparently, these little creatures were being spread like wildfire in many different hotels across the country. Then, I ran into a guy who does bed bug control in NYC where I live, so I asked him about it He told me just how bad the problem is here in my city.

The guy I spoke with says that these insects are very small and hard to see. They bite humans. And worse, they live in beds and anything made of cloth. He said that you cannot simply spray them and the problem will go away. I assumed that they were much like fleas, but he said they are even worse. They have to use a variety of steps to kill them, and that it is typically only the professional methods of trying to deal with them that actually gets rid of them. Some people assume that just by washing their clothes in hot water or vacuuming their mattress that their problem will be solved, and that typically is not enough.

I found it to be such an odd coincidence that not long after that conversation, my boss sent me to another state to help work on a project for about a week. I stayed in a hotel. After a day or two in my room, I realized that I was itching like crazy. I could not figure out why at first. I told the hotel manager that I thought something was wrong with my bed. He had a look of horror on his face, and said he was moving me to a new room. I suddenly knew why. He told me that when I get home, I will need to work with a professional company to make sure that I don’t bring bed bugs home to my place.

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