I Am a Little Girl’s Hired Hand Now

I was sort of thinking the boss was going to cut me loose when he called me into his office the other day, but instead he started to talk about horses. He knew that I had grown up on a ranch. In fact my Dad is retired and he has a half dozen horses and ponies. I realized we were talking about his girl and he showed me a picture of her. She was wearing childrens equestrian clothing in the picture and obviously competing in some sort of contest. He then showed me some ads for vehicles of the sort that people who compete in equestrian events often use. It is basically like a camper for horses and people. You have a space for the horse, some space for the tack (saddles and bridles and so forth) and a bit of room for the person to use to sleep.

It took some time for him to get around to the pitch, but I was pretty happy. It is not so tough of a job at all. Of course I had to go look around for the vehicle and check them out. It is not so big of a thing for me since I have some skill as a mechanic. We found something and now I am basically the chauffeur for a ten year old princess and her show pony. The two of them are actually quite good at this stuff I have to figure out what I am going to do every morning. She and I sit at the table and plan things out so that it works like clockwork. In fact the little girl is in charge it seems and she actually has not problem letting me know this much. We are having a really good time to be honest.

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