Getting All the Dead Trees out of the Yard

When I bought a house in a bit of a rural area, I was surprised at the number of trees that were actually dead. I knew that I was going to have to hire a company that does tree removal in Queens County, NY, but I just didn’t realize how much business I was going to give them. I thought that I could probably have them remove the ones that are closest to the house, but I changed my mind after reading about why it is a good idea to remove dead trees from your property.

I had only been thinking about the damage that one could cause if it would fall. Since I wasn’t worried about clearing out that particular section where most of the dead trees were located, I didn’t think it would be a problem if one of them fell. I was not thinking about disease or insects though. I read about how this could spread to trees that are healthy too, and I knew then that I would have to take care of all the trees at one time. I had money set aside for home improvements, and I decided to use part of it for the removal of all the dead trees.

Miguel’s Tree Care was the right company to take care of the trees on my property. I liked how serious they take their safety, especially since some of those trees are a pretty scary height. If they were healthy, it would not have been as scary. However, dead trees standing in such a fragile state is another matter completely. Thankfully, they were able to come and clear all of the trees out within a matter of just a couple of days. I was actually surprised they got it done that quickly because of the number they had to take down. Now, I can actually focus on getting that part of the yard fixed the way I want it.

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