A Christmas Party Like No Other

When my boss asked me if I would help arrange a Christmas party for our company, I got pretty excited. It is something his wife usually did, but she had been sick and wasn’t up to it. I was given a generous budget, and I knew exactly what I was going to spend a portion of it on. We have always had great Christmas parties in the past, but they could get a bit boring once the main meal was over. I knew that Christmas party entertainment would keep everyone smiling long past the main course.

I had been to a wedding the previous summer, and the bride had arranged for wedding entertainment. It was the first wedding I had ever been to where we were actually celebrating a marriage as well as playing poker and other casino games. I didn’t think my boss would appreciate that as he doesn’t like to gamble, but I knew he would probably enjoy a lot of the other entertainment options that the same company provides. I decided to get a few different things just to keep everyone smiling throughout the entire night.

The first thing I did was order some singing waiters. I also wanted a magician who would do tricks that would simply amaze everyone. I knew that I needed a few more things though, and one of those is a caricature artist that I ordered. The pictures that he drew were spot on, and I actually have mine hanging above my desk. The main highlight though were the Christmas carolers. They sang all sorts of Christmas songs, and they truly brought the feeling of Christmas to our Christmas party. Even though my boss’s wife recovered just fine, she told me that she has resigned from the Christmas party planning. She enjoyed herself too much at the one I put together, and wants to just be a guest from now on.

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