A Carpet Cleaning Company That Does It All

When we moved our offices to a bigger plaza, my boss decided to opt in to the cleaning that could be part of the lease price every month. He figured that it would save us from having to either hire someone on our own or contracting a company to do it for us. Well, it turned out that we had to contract out to a company that does carpet cleaning in Birmingham because the company that was doing it was not doing a very good job at all. He was mostly concerned about the floors, because the company doing it when we first arrived was not very skilled at it.

Since appearance is everything, he wanted our clients to see a clean floor along with everything else when they first step into our office. He had me look at the different companies in Birmingham that do carpet cleaning, and I felt very fortunate that I was able to find the one that we still use today. They had a great website. I thought that they would end up just doing the carpets, but they take care of all the cleaning needs for the entire office.

The floors definitely look better since they are professionally cleaned instead of someone just running a vacuum over them for a minute or two. They also make sure that the entire office is dusted, and they even clean the bathrooms too. The difference between the company that was doing our office cleaning and the one that does it now is night and day. We have a lot of foot traffic, so it is really nice to have such clean carpets every day when we come in. The low price that we were quoted for office cleaning was really attractive too, which just made this decision even easier for my boss to make.

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