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Customized Corporate Gifts by FOTO88

As the newly appointed CEO of my company, I wanted to reach out and show appreciation to all of my dedicated employees. I gave this many hours of thought and researched different ways to reward our employees. After many hours of research, I discovered FOTO88 and decided corporate gifts were the perfect way to reward my employees. They have the largest variety of unique items I have seen so far and have sold over 1,200,000 pieces worldwide. I plan on rewarding employees based on tenure and production via an incentive program. Our sales team also showed interest in making corporate gifts available for our customers to purchase on our website.

The employee incentive program will consist of several phases. One phase will be employee attendance. Hopefully, we will see a rise in employee attendance with this phase. We will create different tiers of gifts for employees to choose from. The attendance gifts will consist of monthly, quarterly and yearly tiers. Of course, the prizes will graduate in value throughout the tiers. Another phase for employee incentives will be production. We are still working on the exact criteria for this phase but will implement some sort of quota system. These corporate gifts will also be a part of employees' Christmas bonuses to be given away at our annual Christmas party.

The sales team has shown a large interest in corporate gifts for our customers. Some salesmen want to give smaller gifts with our company logo to keep our name out there. The customer giveaways will most likely consist of pens, note pads and possibly shirts or hats for our larger accounts. Our webmaster is currently revamping our website's merchandise page to reflect corporate logo items available to the general public. Simply put, I think this is a perfect way to put our company's name out there with customized corporate gifts.

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