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Proving Myself Along with the Transcription Service

I am an office manager for a legal firm here in town. I have never gone to school for any kind of training, so I consider myself very fortunate to have a position like I do. I do have great organizational skills though, which is how I was able to prove myself when I applied for the position. One of the first things they asked me after hiring me was to find a new transcription service. It took me just a short time of research to find Scriptorum, and I knew that they were the first company to try.

What really impressed me the most about them was the fact that they are able to do transcription at any time of the day or night. They understand that in the legal business, it is not always a nine to five business. Sometimes, solicitors will work around the clock if they have a deadline to meet or very little time to gather the evidence they need to help one of their clients. They understood that a legal firm may need transcription done urgently as well, and they have a service that guarantees that in four hours if need be.

I knew that if they did not work out, I was going to look for another transcription agency. I did not have to worry about that though. I had a feeling they were going to be okay, because I really did my research on them since I was also proving myself to the firm. Scriptorum was able to deliver on all of their promises, and we are still using them six years later. I later found out that they had always had a problem finding good transcription typists, so that really was what proved me to my bosses and why I am still here too!

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