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The Combination of Man and Horse

After a year of racehorse training, my horse was ready to compete against the big boys on a professional level. I’ve raised that horse since it was just a tiny one, and it was grown up to be pretty strong. I’ve been with it through each jump and gallop, and to see it ready to race makes me feel like a proud father. The racing experience is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but it also makes me feel a little nervous, because we’re going to be competing against some pretty stiff competition. The other horses and jockeys aren’t going to take it easy on us.

I took an early interest in professional riding when my parents took me to see horse races when I was younger. Continue reading

The Role of the Racer

One of my closest friends is a film director, and he really likes to get into the roles that he creates for the actors in his films. Once he made a film about a duo of skydiving bank robbers, and actually had the actors go skydiving. His latest film is a movie about a man who becomes a jockey. That man is no one other than me, and to prepare for the role, he sent me to one of those horse racing syndicates to learn how to race horses like a professional. This was by far the toughest role I've ever taken as an actor.

I came into the role with the wrong mindset. I thought learning to ride on a horse at a professional level would be easy, because I figured that the horse would be doing most of the work, kind of like when you drive a car. I was wrong, because while the horse was doing the running, I was trying not to fall off of it. It wasn't as difficult as one of those mechanical bulls, but I did have to tighten my grip. I had to work on my upper body strength to stand a chance.

The horse and I bonded pretty quickly, and I began to treat it like a pet. I think this bond made us better racers, because when we would go up against the other trainers at the syndicate, we would get better and better. Our first race resulted in a last place finish, which was expected for a first time racer, but each time after that, we went up in rank, until eventually we came in first place. That was one of the greatest moments of my training. When the filming for my friend's movie finishes, he'll really see how much of a racer I am.

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I Found Nice Student Flats in Edinburgh at the Last Minute

I was studying in Scotland for a year. It was a unique experience. I stayed at a some student flats in Edinburgh that I leased using money I saved. I made the change at the last minute when I saw the dormitories. I was okay with the shared spaces the postgraduate students were using in the leased flats, but I could not stay at the dormitory. I need quite a bit more quiet than your average college student did. I was paying for my education with my own money. I received one small grant when I was earning my bachelors that paid for a few books and not much else. The rest was loans and money I had saved through my teen years. Student loans all need to be paid back. My time in Scotland as a post-grad student was entirely on my dime.

I had my resume all planned out including specific details of my education. I already had the company picked out in America that I was going to work for as a researcher. At the moment I was on leave from them as an intern while I studied for a year abroad in Scotland. Everything was the same yet unique. European ways were foreign to me, but I actually quickly fit in. Now I must admit that I would have preferred an apartment, or flat as they are called there, that was entirely private with its own kitchenette and bathroom. However, I could not afford it. I thought I could endure arrangements to stay in a dorm, but I left before even moving my stuff in. I scrambled the rest of the day trying to find a room to let in Edinburgh. Another student told me about some space left at some student flats in Edinburgh. I ran over and got the last room. I was very comfortable there for that year studying at Edinburgh.

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Getting All the Dead Trees out of the Yard

When I bought a house in a bit of a rural area, I was surprised at the number of trees that were actually dead. I knew that I was going to have to hire a company that does tree removal in Queens County, NY, but I just didn't realize how much business I was going to give them. I thought that I could probably have them remove the ones that are closest to the house, but I changed my mind after reading about why it is a good idea to remove dead trees from your property.

I had only been thinking about the damage that one could cause if it would fall. Since I wasn't worried about clearing out that particular section where most of the dead trees were located, I didn't think it would be a problem if one of them fell. I was not thinking about disease or insects though. I read about how this could spread to trees that are healthy too, and I knew then that I would have to take care of all the trees at one time. I had money set aside for home improvements, and I decided to use part of it for the removal of all the dead trees.

Miguel's Tree Care was the right company to take care of the trees on my property. I liked how serious they take their safety, especially since some of those trees are a pretty scary height. If they were healthy, it would not have been as scary. However, dead trees standing in such a fragile state is another matter completely. Thankfully, they were able to come and clear all of the trees out within a matter of just a couple of days. I was actually surprised they got it done that quickly because of the number they had to take down. Now, I can actually focus on getting that part of the yard fixed the way I want it.

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