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Everything for This Year is All Planned out

I do not know if you have been to the big sale in person that happens after every holiday season, but I went one time and immediately decided to never go again. I really enjoy the new one that happens every November now because all the bargains can be found online instead of in the stores. I have been watching the best Walmart Cyber Monday 2015 deals for this year, and I will be able to do all of my shopping online.

Last year, they had a great tablet on sale, and this year is no different. I waffled on getting one last year by walking around the store thinking about whether I should do it or not, and by the time I reached the tech department with my mind made up on buying one, they were all gone. This year, I will have the page open for the tablet I want, and as soon as the discount kicks in, I will rush to add it to my online cart.

All my kids need some clothing for school. My wife is going to sit on a separate computer and she will rush to put those items in her cart. She knows what the kids like, and she is the much better choice to make those purchases. Not only that, she wants to get some things for herself, and she is quick enough that she can get everything into her cart quickly to make her purchase.

I also want some outdoor equipment. I promised the kids that we would start camping. I did it with my family when I was growing up, and I even did it all throughout college. The kids love hearing the stories about the mountains that I climbed and the beautiful valleys that I hiked. This means I need a family-sized tent and lots of sleeping bags. Each of these things will be discounted, and I will grab those and my tablet and be done with all my shopping.

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A Ritual of Numerical Exchanges

It's rare to come across an offer for something free that turns out to be a pretty awesome 'deal'. I almost feel guilty for totally taking up this advertisement for a free receipt template - a small thing of little consequence but still fun to design all the same. Maybe my clients will appreciate my attempt at introducing humor and color through something so mundane as a receipt. I doubt most of them will actually look at it in their e-mail and will simply pay the bill. In these days where all transactions are digitally recorded and stored, does the receipt still hold a place in the purchasing experience?

I remember my parents keeping a shoe box full of nothing but old receipts they saved through the year for their taxes. At the end of March, most of those receipts were useless but it became something of a habit for them to save them regardless. I can imagine they hoped for a year where a certain receipt might net them a fat return. Now, though, the concept of a digital receipt is almost trope in how it clings to some ritual which serves little to no purpose when any necessary financial documentation can be printed out from the bank on a whim. i

Even the IRS now accepts such documentation. I'd say it goes a step further by coming from a more legitimate source rather than some flimsy scrap of paper with fading ink. So do we continue to use a receipt out of a cultural habit? Is the exchange between consumer and merchant only completed once paper money is handed in exchange for recorded values? It seems like such a silly thing but I imagine that it has its roots somewhere in far history when trades concluded by pressing spit lathered palms together.

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