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A Great Gift for My Children

When my son and daughter both told me they are both getting married nextyear, I was a very happy mother! They had both been dating their significant others for a few years, and all four decided it was finally time to make that ultimate commitment. It means that both of my children will be moving out as soon as they are each married, but they are going to stay local so I am okay with that. I started looking at various scanning software programs because I knew exactly what I wanted to give each of them for a wedding gift.

We have always been a very photogenic family. While a lot of the pictures are digital, there are just as many that are in print form only. I was going to get copies made and print them for the kids, but I figured I would save a lot of money if I just scanned them myself and used photo paper to print them. I didn't have any idea on which program to use to scan my photos though, but I was able to look online and find out which one was easy for other people to use.

I did not want one that I needed a rocket scientist degree to be able to use. I just wanted to be able to scan and clean up some pictures, then print them so my kids could have their own copy of family memories when they go to their new homes. I was able to find a great program that was very simple to use, and it was extremely user friendly. I was able to scan all of the pictures that I wanted in no time at all, and they look absolutely great. I cannot wait to give them each the album that I created just for them!

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Every Roof Needs a Little Work

A lot of the local businesses have been getting commercial roof replacement in Morris County NJ. The reason for this is there was a pretty bad storm that came in along the coast. Even though many of the businesses took the proper steps to protect themselves from the storm, they still suffered roof damage. It was an interesting phenomenon that hadn't been seen for as long as Morris County had been in existence. I own a pizza shop, and just like everyone else, I had to have roof replacement. My business was still open, because the storm didn't damage anything else, but my roof was still in need of repair.

I asked some of the other businesses who they were using for their repairs, and they gave me the name of a particular company that does great repairs and replacement. I contacted the company and they scheduled to have someone come look at my roof to determine what would need to be done. The company worker came and gave me an estimate of the cost of replacement, and I scheduled a time for the company to come and start working on my roof. While the roof was being worked on, I had to close the business temporarily.

Once the company was done, I opened my doors again, and began serving pizza to all of the hungry residents of Morris County. It seems like the storm made everyone hungrier than before, as customers were ordering twice as much food. Morris County usually gets a few storms every year, but nothing like the one we've had most recently. I hope there aren't any more harsh storms brewing, because I can only afford to make so many roof replacements, and my customers can only wait so long before they have to go somewhere else for pizza.

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