Monthly Archives: February 2015

Started to Learn Some Safety Stuff

I am not going to take the full course, but I have started learning the work place safety rules for the job site. That is a big deal for any company that wants to do business in the UK. There are a lot of rule about how you got to do everything and the real idea so far as the bosses are concerned is protect your back parts at all times. If the rules say you have to find a rope access expert to do a job, then you pretty much have to pay for the guy who knows how to do that stuff. We have a bunch of old hands and if you turned you back on them they would just do the job and act like they had followed the rules if you asked them later. We have this one guy who is all about meeting his deadlines. So if he has to risk his own neck or some of his guys, then he is willing to do it.

Obviously the guy who has the big cushy office is thinking a lot about how easy it is to lose that. One day you get some joker who breaks his neck and you end up getting sued by all of his bleary eyed next of kin. If it looks like you are a good fall guy for it the people who make the decisions might give you a cardboard box and thirty minutes to empty your desk while the security guard stands and watches you do it. I saw that happen once, but of course they had caught this guy dipping into petty funds. One day they came around asking us if we had seen anyone messing around the safe and the next thing you need he was getting the boot.

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