Monthly Archives: September 2014

Making Christmas Shopping a Little Easier

I agonize over trying to find the best Christmas gift for my friends and family every year. That alone makes it one of the most stressful experiences that I have all year long. I don't want to be that family member or that friend that just buys some nonsense that doesn't really mean anything. I don't want to buy fodder for returns, you know? A lot of people say it's the thought that counts; it's true, it does count but does it really count enough when you do it every year? I bought a skydiving Christmas gift voucher this time for my best friend - that's right, I took it to new levels.

I admit that I have been kind of ridiculous in the way that I've gone about to make sure that I find the perfect present for each of my friends. I've started to write down every time that they mention something they wish they could do, have or maybe something that they want. I log everything that they say they like, their interests and their hobbies. It sounds crazy but this is how I can be present for them to the best of my capabilities.

That's what it takes to be a friend, I think. It might be 'better' if I were to actually remember what they tell me instead of having to rely on writing down everything but I hope that in doing this I will steadily begin remembering more facts about them. I don't even expect them to do the same for me since I realize that I am going way above and beyond than what is probably required to be a friend but if I want to stop agonizing over what to get them every year then this is the only way I know how.

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